Thursday, April 15, 2010


There is something inside of man that longs for the enchanted. Every age has always created fairy tales. Something inside of us believes or at least longs to believe that this isn't all...there is more to the story. A longing for greatness, for fantasy, and for life just to be beyond what we know. We yearn for transformation. For mermaids to walk on land, servant girls to attend the ball, frogs to turn into princes, beasts to become nobleman. We long for change in our world and often we picture its coming by love. True love expressed with a kiss or a rescuing... This Love is Powerful enough to change things, to change everything. It Alters not only the story but the people in the story and often the World in which they live. Reread any childhood story (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Shrek, Cinderalla, The Magic Swan...they all have the same theme. Some one is trapped in some sort of bondage or death and it is LOVE that brings about an incredible change)

It is simply an inescapable reality that deep within us we long for enchantment. We know their has got to be more to the story. Well there is! The world as we know it is not all, there is far more to the story there is another world. But it is not distant, in fact it is much closer than we ever thought.

It is here among us now, like Bell's Beast waiting to be unlocked fully but beginning to show the first signs of freedom. True Love has come but this time it wasn't a The Prince's kiss that brought his Sleeping Beauty to Life; it was his Death. By the wounds of the Great and Courageous Prince his Beautiful Bride came to life. All the people in the land heard saw it had happen but disagreed on whether or not he was truly the rightful King "the King would never do something like that; he is a fierce Warrior". So another man rose, he claimed to be the true King and he had enough soldiers to put himself into power. He decreed the so called "Prince" to be a fool and punished his bride who had miraculously come to life. He tried to kill her again but all his efforts failed. So he had her punished and then throw into the street. He set up his rule and promised peace but it never seemed to come. The beauty was clothed in rags, but she was like nothing the people of the kingdom had ever seen. She began talking about her Prince and people began to remember him. She said He was still alive, and there were many who said he was the rightful King if he was truly alive. They started to believe her, saying not only that he was the rightful King, but they too said he was Alive, even though the whole kingdom saw him Killed for his Beautiful Bride. They believed her. More than that they began saying with his bride that he went away to gather his troops and prepare for war...They said that he had told them he was coming back to make war and establish his reign once and for all and claim his now awakened Sleeping Beauty that his Death had brought to life (his bride) and all with her.

They say he said that his army will be greater than anything we have ever seen, and no power will be able to Stand against it. He has with him the mightiest of Warriors and he is coming to take his place as the rightful King. He once gave up everything for his Beloved Bride, but Now he rides again not to the grave but to the throne..he will rid the Kingdom of all who do not say he is the Rightful King, but he will reward all who took heed of his coming. Never before has there been anyone like him. And He Shall make all things New! All of the Kingdom shall be like never before.

You see the Enchantment we crave is hear. We know there is more yet we cannot quite put it into words. And there is... more than we could imagine. The world was set to bondage but soon it shall be set free and dark will turn to light, and the children of God will be revealed. The Beautiful Bride will be given he proper adorning. As the wife of the King she shall be clothed like she should have been since long ago, but because of the wicked ruler in place she was made a servant and punished for her love for the True King... but winter shall soon end, the first buds of spring are showing and

The King is coming for LOVE and WAR. The Fairy Tale is coming to Life...

(If you don't know this King, you need to. The Night will soon be over and its Nightmares with it. The Sun shall soon appear and the Light always casts out the darkness... Leave your email address and we'll chat if you want to know more)