Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"And we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation but we ourselves...groan inwardly." Romans 8

The bible speaks of the groaning that all our world is currently expressing. Groaning that is seen in every place by all people. There is a mysterious thirst just to feel something that I am convinced takes place inside of all of us. Unquenchable however, strangely whether we drink from fire hose or dinner glass it is impossible to remove the burning and aching of our world.

I am convinced that whether you believe in God or Jesus is irrelevant to sharing in the experience of discontentedness no matter what life brings. We can not hide it, only numb it briefly with some vessel of pleasure or distraction. Even then, though it may grow dull for a season it never ceases. It almost seems like a longing for a friendship I once knew or someday hope to have, a city I vaguely remember or hope to one day live in. A longing for a fragrance i have never smelled, a woman I have yet to embrace...or have wrongly attribute to one that I have. A desire for some season ahead of me, or one from my past. Oddly clothed inside of my 5 senses I find an insatiable thirst the deepest well of this world will not seem to quench. With all my fury I am unable to extinguish this curious hunger for something inside of me.

I believe I am expressing something that we all at some point in our life...(if we are lucky) understand. It is imageless, unknown, undefined, uncanny, and yet deeply and unexplainably Desired. Many may grow numb to its calling by losing themselves in a drug, or job, a lifestyle, a marriage, a woman or a man...but when the ground shifts and when day turns to night the echo returns and we remember its melody. Hungry we fumble around through the darkness in search for bread...