Thursday, February 25, 2010


I ate dinner with a woman who works for Salvation army tonight. She has never met her father, and her mother died 7 years ago from HIV. Her mother was a prostitute, addicted to cocaine and forced by her own doing into a life that fed her addiction and sorrow. This woman never saw all of her children and she never raised them. She was not educated at a private school and was abused her whole life until she was 30 years old when Aids took her life... But that was not the story that haunts me.

This womans daughter, told me not of her broken life brought on by her mothers addiction, she told me of another woman. A 16 year old girl. The girl was 16 years old, and was originally from Arizona. She was deaf, and had been molested by her father her whole life. Finally she ran away at a gas station and pleaded for the help of a couple after serious abuse. The couple took her in, it was a pastor of a church in Dallas, his wife and their child. They took her back to Dallas in safety of what seemed like safety. This soon ended, and the man who had appeared as a savior, took this deaf and abused girl and locked her away in his basement. He opened a Sex business with her as the attraction. He set up video cameras and a website where for a fee one could go and type in what you wanted to see done to the girl and he would do it (including at one point set her on FIRE! For some sick bastard whose condemnation is just). He would do whatever act his paying viewers would type into the computer and say they want to see her to. For 2 years she was beaten and raped repeatedly. ALL BY A PASTOR IN DALLAS, TEXAS. This continued until Fall of 2009. She thought she would be saved only to be Tortured

The girl was eventually rescued by the police, but she came out with all of her body mutilated and her genital region completely destroyed... Oh God have mercy on Her, she needs you. I know you say that 'shall not the God of all the earth do what is just? (Gen 18:25) But Lord have mercy on her, Yahweh God of all creation save her soul...God help us... This is what Porn Addicts are watching!!! God let it stop, come quickly Lord Jesus I know you are enthroned on high, Adonai

"I saw all the oppressions that are done under the sun. And Behold, the tears of the oppressed, and they had no one to comfort them...And I thought the dead who are already dead more fortunate than the living who are still alive. But better than both is he who has not yet been and has not seen the evil deeds that are done under the son." Eccl. 4:3

You shall call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their Sins...

Lord I pray right now for this deaf and abused girl, her pour heart and soul, save them both. I pray for the Pastor of this Church and the deacon who are only miles from me right now, their pour souls, GOD SAVE YOUR PEOPLE

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Save a Life...

Can you fathom the Weight of a Soul in light of Eternity?-Spurgeon

Can you? Can you even begin to understand, imagine, know the incredible weight of a soul, a living soul? With eternity in the balance, think about that. The most infinitely important thing about or in us is our SOUL. The immortal soul is nothing new to us. Plato and Aristotle wrote often and openly about the apparent soul that gave all of us consciousness. A consciousness distinctly different than any other animal there is. We are awake (in a sense, but many are very much asleep in another).

With the eternal state of the men and women you interact with daily, get hair cuts from, kiss, laugh with, cry for, and labor creeping into the very fabric of their existence. How can you not open your mouth? Think about this...If they were able to see you at the end of the Age as they awaited their Judge (the same one who will judge you), and they saw that you knew, you knew the truth and you had never told them. What would they say? "How could you not open your mouth?" "You knew?, You knew this whole time and you never said anything? Because you were worried about how you would look? How could you not say anything you knew? How could you keep silent? I don't understand...HOW??? Your reputation, your job, your image??? These were worth more to you than My Eternal Destination???"

Oh Lord make us bold, remind us "How to save a life".

"Chosen that you may proclaim the Excellencies of him who called you out of Darkness into his marvelous light."- 1 Peter 2:9

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Citizens of Heaven or Hell

What we are becoming TODAY is what we will be tomorrow. Citizens of Heaven, are those who as Christ would say ‘bear good fruits’ (Matthew 7)they do this by the presence of the Holy Spirit which Paul tells us in Ephesians 1 is how we know we are a believer, and the ‘guarentee of our souls’ salvation. The presence of the Spirit creates these fruits, it does this by what Peter says is called ‘sanctification for the obedience to Jesus Christ’ (1Peter 1:2). Point being those who accept God’s grace and receive eternal life are in that moment ‘created new’ (2cor. 5:17) and so for the rest of their life they go are continually are transformed day by day from one degree of glory to the next into a citizen of Heaven. This is most clearly seen not in what they do ‘externally’ but on the inward transition that takes place in their heart.

Conversely this is also true for those who are citizens of this world. Who, like the citizens of heaven also await an inheritance. However, this inheritance is not one that resembles in any way the that which awaits those whose ‘Souls desire’ is found in God. You see the distinguishing mark or ‘seed’ within the heart of Christ Followers is a ‘love for God’. This seed may be weak or strong but it is always implanted upon receiving grace and repentance. Thus Heaven will be the fulfillment of their hearts affection and the magnification of it as well. So in those who do not love God, Heaven would not be a place they would be satisfied anyways, but one where they are not able to Worship the idols of this world or the god they have made of themselves, they would be miserable.

And as well without this ‘seed’ of love, they are not able to grow over there life into anything resembling a Citizen of Heaven. So they grow in their love for self, or whatever else they desire. Suppose for example that a man became so addicted to cocaine that what began as a fix from time to time, soon began to rule his life so strongly that he was no longer able to live a normal life at all, if the addiction continued it would take over himself so greatly that we might say ‘his life is hell’. Well that is a close resemblance to the Christian doctrine of hell. A man will grow either in his affection for himself (pride), sex (lust), mankind (humanism- let me say I do not think affection for man kind is a bad thing. I actually feel quite the opposite, man is to love his neighbor as himself. But the minute that Civility and Social Justice efforts become the God we worship we find that we have also slain the foundation of our god and any purpose we had in helping our brother man, any more than we would have in helping our ‘brother ox’) or any other idol from birth until death until it makes him so focused upon it that ‘his life is hell’. This idol becomes quickly a ruthless dictator who demands an ever conforming heart and soul. It demands we lay down all we have. A close parallel to the brutish gods of the greeks.

We are always serving something, and further always conforming to one world or the next…Which is left to our own choosing, but to not choose is simply not an option. You are born a servant to self and sin, thus you may change the ‘Lord’ you choose to serve, but you will never stop serving. Who will you serve?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Image Bearers

‘Image Bearers’

I believe we are far more powerful than we know. One day we shall shine like the son, and be restored to the rightful place in the created order of things, but for now we are a depraved people, who deprive ourselves by our own unrighteousness of any and all possible life. We do this by worshipping ourselves or other things and in our disobedient rebellious action we seek only the exaltation of ourselves. At the end of time we shall be no longer enslaved. But shall be set free from sin, and restored to power. Power that will be rooted in its outsourcing from God alone. Power that finds itself in its source not its face… This is something that Satan hates, scorns, and despises. He hates us, the ‘image bearers’ because he has nothing to do but hate. If ‘God is Love’, then it is not a stretch to assume that ‘Satan is Evil’. And that Satan and all of the demons hate Man, because we, simply known as the ‘Image Bearers’, though rebels, ignorant, blinded, foolish, and stupid are loved by him. Loved by the One whose image we bear, so much that he would lay down his life for us. Someday we shall be restored, we shall be made new, we shall Shine like the sun, and be in an existence that is ‘much better’. We shall be whiter than Snow, healed, and whole. But we shall also be powerful, powerful beyond measure.

Exercising enormous control over other domains of our creation. As a Prince who helps rule and Judge for his father, so it will be for those who love him. We shall be no longer Weak. No longer we under the slavery of sin… We shall more than ever before ‘bear His image’, and through his strength, and for his name bear it well…