Friday, December 11, 2009

He is both Good and Great

Common questions for those within the Church and those outside of it often revolve around the problem of evil. Below is a look at one of many...

If Satan at some point rebelled against God and this is the most "original Sin" that we know of, then why did God allow him to live? He could have squashed him and destroyed both he and sin. Why would he allow Satan to "deceive the Nations", instead of simply ending him right in that moment. Doing away with all evil.

The question is oddly enough a doubt that Satan might even use himself to attack and accuse the character of God, just like he did with Eve in the Garden. "Why would God allow such a thing? Could he really be all powerful and all good if he did not crush this act of Rebellion?"

The answer is Yes. Satan along with all of the Hosts of heaven (angels) lived in the very presence of God and his magnificence. However, these being are not all knowing, they are created and thus have room within them for experience and understanding (knowing something by watching and observing). 1 Peter speaks on this when he tells us that the unfolding of history and God's restoration of all creation is something "on which angels long to look". Thus Angels are capable of knowing God and seeing him work, by virtue of the fact that they exist, are able to be amazed, and they are not all knowing.
So when Satan rebelled, God could have crushed this rebellion under him with one fatal sweep. In doing this he would have answered, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is Great. He is powerful, and not one to rebel against. Thus he would have answered the question "Is he Great?" But one question would have remained..."Is he Good?" Had he done this, it would not have been as clear. He could have appeared as a ruler who is one to be feared, but perhaps not loved.

But not only is he Great, he is Good. He did not crush Satan in that moment and put Sin to death. He came to the earth he created and was put to death for sin. In this magnificent act, he answered once and for all not only am I great, I am good. One day he will powerfully remove the presence of Sin from all who love him. But for those who choose to worship themselves, rather than God (just like Satan did, and we all do, apart from Christ working in us), he will honor their decision for ALL of Eternity in eternal suffering. All people and angels will one day bow before him, and all of us, will know by experience not only is he GREAT, but HE is GOOD...

God you are good...

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